Domestic Violence is different from all other crimes because it arises out of the relationship between the suspect and the alleged victim. An individual charged with Domestic Violence should seek representation from a defense lawyer who fully understands this unique crime.

As prosecutors, and now as private attorneys, Joshua Adam Engel and Mary K. Martin frequently handled some of the most difficult and important domestic violence cases in Ohio. In particular, Engel has written briefs on important domestic violence cases before the Ohio Supreme Court, and served on the Ohio Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence. This experience has prepared Engel to to advocate for the best interest of individuals facing domestic violence charges

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In Ohio, Domestic Violence includes both threats of violence and actual physical abuse between spouses, family members, and/or those in the same household. Domestic Violence also includes stalking, assault, felonious assault, even murder. These crimes are chacterized by an abuser’s effort to maintain control in the relationship. Domestic Violence is a misdemeanor, but second and later convictions can be charged as felonies. These cases also present unqiue procedural considerations, such as protection orders. In many of the cases, victims may be reluctant to testify. Convictions for domestic violence can impact not only rights under Ohio law, but federal rights, such as the right to carry a gun.

Every Domestic Violence is unique, because every relationship and family situation is different. A knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney can help make sense of the law and facts applied to individual cases. Engel & Martin, LLC provides legal counsel regarding matters such as technology crimes, white collar crimes, federal crimes, criminal litigation, criminal appeals and other high-profile criminal cases throughout the state. Many of the clients the firm represents are business professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and other successful professionals. Contact the law firm at 513-445-9600 or at to schedule a consultation.

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