Joshua Engel in Fraternal Law on Campus Sexual Assaults Investigation

Joshua Adam Engel wrote an article in the March 2015 issue of Fraternal Law on Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault Investigations.

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Fraternal Law March 2015

In the article, Engel notes:

As attorneys, we have been approached by dozens of students from schools across the nation facing disciplinary proceedings. Most of these matters have been resolved quietly; some have led to litigation. What they all have in common is that the students believe that the procedures did not afford them fundamental fairness.”

Engel later suggests that a full and fair process need not resemble criminal trials and all rights guaranteed by the Constitution in a criminal trial need to be present.  However, “a full and fair process that allows students a meaningful opportunity to be heard prior to the imposition of sanctions should include number of traditional and time-tested protections that lead to reliable outcomes.”

Joshua Adam Engel has represented a significant number of students in both school disciplinary investigations and school disciplinary proceedings.  A sample of other media coverage can be found here.