Engel and Martin, LLC Representing Miami Township Police Officer

Joshua Adam Engel is representing Miami Township Police Officer against felony

From WCPO:.

A Miami Township police sergeant was charged with a sex offense and assault Thursday. . . .

Police records indicated the charges were based on a complaint made in April. He has been on paid administrative leave since then, according to Chief Sue Madsen.

[The officer] is an 18-year veteran of the Miami Township police department.

Joshua A. Engel, [the officer’s] defense attorney, said they had filed a written plea of not guilty and would enter a formal plea next Friday.

“He’s had a long and exemplary career and denies these charges categorically,” Engel said of [the officer], who has worked in law enforcement for more than 20 years.

More coverage from Fox 19:

His lawyer, Joshua Engel, said he filed a written plea of not guilty and would enter a formal plea when [the officer] appears in court next week.

“Obviously he denies it but, even if that’s true, this is not a grievous sexual assault that would warrant a felony indictment and ruining this guy’s career,” Engel said.

The allegations and criminal charges have hit [the] two-time officer of the year, hard.

“He’s horribly distressed by this. He’s hasn’t missed a day of work in 10 years,” Engel said. “He’s a true career law enforcement officer. To have allegations like this that go at the heart of what he does is just devastating to him.”